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Gear Box CI Casting

We are manufacture and export complete range of C. I. Castings using high tensile cast iron & steel. Their performance levels are much higher than other similar products available in the markets as per the clients' requirements and their specifications. Our range of Geclick for larger viewar Box parts includes:

  • Crank case
  • Cylinder blocks
  • Liner & sleeves
  • Flywheels

click for larger viewclick for larger viewCast iron is an important iron-carbon alloy often casted into shape and containing 2 to 4.5 percent Carbon, 0.5 to 3 percent Silicon. It also contains traces of Suffer, Manganese and Phosphorus. The Material is popularly used to manufacture gearboxes in number of commercial applications. The metal is strong, durable and apt for manufacturing gearboxes. Rugged cast iron is used for precise Gearing and longer life. The material enables the speed reducer for use in harsh chemical environments.

Electric Motor Body Part Casting

click for larger viewWe supply electric motor body casting which is highly appreciated among our clients for its durability and dimensional accuracy features. This casting includes:

  • Engineering Industry Casting
  • Electric Motor Body & End-shiled Casting
  • Other Engineering Goods Casting
Genset Parts Casting

We offer genset parts casting which is highly acclaimed among our clients for its longevity and robust conclick for larger viewstruction. To attain the long life patterns are strategically designed and have special radiuses, rive to provide good strength. Moreover, it is fabricated in accordance with international standards.

  • Crankcase singel & Crank-case Doubel Castings.
  • Fly wheel castings.
  • Head & Block Castings.
Casting for Machine Tools

We produce casting for click for larger viewmachine tools industries, which is highly acclaimed for its dimensional accuracy and resistance to wear and tear. This casting includes:

  • Machine Tools Casting for CNC Machine parts.
  • Engineering Goods Casting

Machine Tools Castings for Lathe machine, Drill-machine, & other miscellaneous machinery.

Casting for Valve Industry

We offer casting for valves industry, which is known for its effectual functioning among our valued clients. This casting includclick for larger viewes :

  • Graded Cast Iron Castings for different types of Valves like Ball Valves, Butterfly valves, etc.
  • Automobile Industries
  • Pump & Air Compresser Castings.
Sugar Mill & Paper Mill Casting

We provide sugar mill and paper mill casting which is renowned among our valued clients for itclick for larger views effective functioning. For achieving longevity, the patterns are strategically designed and have radiuses, rive to give good strength. Below mentioned are its noteworthy features :

  • Uniform hardness
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Dimensionally accurate
Cast Iron Casting

We manufacture a gamut of cast iron castings - FG200 / 260 that is widely used in pump and valves. These cast iron castings have low to moderate strength and low modules of elasticity. Our range is fabricated using premium quality raw material like casting quality pig iron having high percentage of silicon content in it. We customization product as per the requirement of cliclick for larger viewents.

Following are the unique features of cast iron castings - FG200:

  • Low notch sensitivity
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Moderate resistance of thermal stock
  • Outstanding cast ability
  • Having Silicon more then 2%
Cast Iron Railway Cylinder Body
click for larger viewWe offer cast iron Indian railway cylinder body that is manufactured by centrifugal cast process, which is the best method to manufacture these products. Corrosion resistant cast iron cylinder body provides receptivity against corrosion for all wetted parts.
Cast Iron Railway Control Chambers
click for larger viewWe offer superior quality cast iron railway control chambers, which work with precision in air brake systems. Our railway control chambers are deigned by our expert team of engineers, who have the expertise in developing control chamber railway parts. These control chambers are designed and developed as per the exact specifications of railway departments. Our control chambers are known for durability, performance and strength
Cast iron valve parts
  • click for larger viewProcessing : Casting + machining
  • Facility : lathe + milling machine.
  • Material : Cast Iron.
  • Unit Weight : 1kg-200kg.
  • Moulding : Wooden Molds.
Pump Body

click for larger viewDescription features: pump body and other pump parts, sand casting products made of gray iron or ductile iron.

Product Details: sand casting product gray iron or ductile iron.

Bevel Gear Box

Bevel Gearboxes are basically mechanical devices widely used for transmitting mechanical power and motion between nonparallel axes (intersecting axes), usually at right angles. The tooth on it is Straight, spiral or hypoid. The main uses of these gearboxes are when the direction of a shaft's Rotation needs to be changed.

click for larger viewImportant Specification to be considered:

  1. Gear Center
  2. Bore Diameter

Use of Bevel Gear:

  1. Automotive Industry.
  2. Textile Industry
  3. Industrial engineering products
Spiral Bevel Gearbox

They of type of Bevel Gearbox that provides 95-98% efficiency and are widely used to transmit Power between shafts with right angle orientation to each other. It has curved and oblique teeth, And ensures low noise.

Materials Used:

  1. Cast Iron.
  2. Aluminum Alloy.
  3. click for larger viewSteel.

Use of Spiral Bevel Gearbox:

  1. Conveyors
  2. Finishing Equipment.
  3. Servo-Positioning Systems.
  4. Electrical Line Shafting.
  5. Boring /Milling Machine Tools.
  6. Winders/Coilers.
  7. Printing Presses
click for larger viewclick for larger viewWe are manufacturer of Rockers Arms for Most of the Automotive Applications. The Rockers Arms are manufacture from Investment Castings, Forging, Spheriodical Graphite Ductile Casting (SG IRON CASTING), High 30 Graded Casting, and Aluminum Forgings. The Bushing of the Rocker Arms is made from High Graded Brass.
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